Reviewed by Kay Griffiths


VIDEO: Saddle Fitting (the horse’s point of view)
With Dave Collins, Founder & Principal of B.C. College of Equine Therapy

If, like most riders, you are somewhat mystified by what exactly goes on under your seat where the leather meets the horse, you will find some clarity in Saddle Fitting by Dave Collins, founder of the British Columbia College of Equine Therapy. In a straightforward seminar-style video, Collins takes the viewer through the physiology of the horse’s back and the structure of English and Western saddles and how the two interact. He provides tips on how to tell if saddle fit is a problem and then suggests solutions from building shims to throwing out the offending saddle. While the novice saddle buyer will find the video indispensable, even the most experienced rider will find Collins’ video useful in thinking about, assessing and achieving good saddle fit. Although the video is rather long and overly detailed in some aspects, it is well worth the 70 minutes Collins has dedicated to this critical subject.

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