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Dave CollinsAvailable now from the BC College of Equine Therapy:
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Dave Collins is the founder and principal of the BC College of Equine Therapy in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. Dave has spent his entire life around horses. For almost two decades, Dave has provided therapy for people, horses and other animals. In 1995, Dave founded the BC College of Equine Therapy, which offers a two-year program to teach the fundamentals of Equine Therapy.

Of the thousands of horses Dave has worked with, ill-fitting saddles have been a major contributor to movement problems, unsoundness and training problems. It is through his research and practical approach to saddle-fit problems that horses and riders enjoy a better relationship.

Did you know...
A horse's back changes shape with age, fitness level, weight, etc.

It's important for every rider to know how to assess and achieve a proper fit.

This video offers both the English and Western rider the tools to assess and correct common saddle-fit problems.

Order the VideoTopics of Discussion:

  • Discussion of Back Conformation
  • How the horse tells us there is a problem
  • Common saddle-fit issues (English & Western)
  • Tools to check for proper saddle fit
  • Suggestions to achieve proper saddle fit
  • How to check soundness of both English and Western saddles
  • Discussion and demonstration of common pads and saddle fit aids
  • How to detect common imbalances in the saddle
  • Rider position

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Saddle Fitting Video
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